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Stoddart Group is Australia’s leading supplier and installer of products to the residential building industry.

Stoddart Group was first referred to Reedify by their Service Provider account manager, given the organisation asked for and needed a genuine Telecom Expense Management SaaS solution and on-the-ground assistance. Previously, Stoddarts had worked with ICT consultants who used manual spreadsheets and service provider portals to help manage accounts – but given the vast complexity of Stoddart Group, it was insufficient and was still creating severe delays and cost creep. Stoddarts were also looking to transition their IT infrastructure, from a traditional MPLS / onsite server legacy solution onto an AWS / SDWAN cloud based solution and needed expertise help in the space to get the job done under time constraints. There were also ongoing legacy billing issues that both Stoddarts and the account manager could never seem to get ahead of, which needed to be sorted before further projects could commence.

Reedify created a two headed approach for Stoddarts, with expert solution designers and SDWAN experts spearheading the upcoming project scope and implementation – and the forensic analysis team working through the legacy issues that were raised. Reedify needed to quickly resolve billing issues that dated back 5 years, without delaying the project commencement for SDWAN to meet the timeframes required. Given the vast resources at Reedify’s disposal and leading technology, they were able to quickly grasp and detail the full scope of issues and presented that to Telstra for review and later agreement. Having both parties on board, Reedify was then able to negotiate a hugely beneficial telco solution with the service provider whom felt the pressure to keep the business. The potential savings and charge back credits Reedify guaranteed to Stoddart Group, more than allowed the IT budget to proceed with a completely transformational project in the business.

To date Reedify has awarded Stoddart Group with more than $300,000.00 in charge backs / dispute resolution credits, completely cleaned up accounts and provided deep level insights and visibility. Reedify designed, negotiated, project managed and effectively implemented a complete SDWAN transformation alongside internal and external IT providers, which ultimately created a 30% average reduction in costs while increasing productivity in the business 10-fold. Reedify is on target to save Stoddart Group 1 million dollars in their second year under management.

“Coming into the business I was shocked at our monthly telco spend and it was one of the first things I wanted to make changes with. We assessed our options in the market but no body was offering a single point management solution, with custom built SaaS TEM solutions. We started the journey with Reedify by undertaking a forensic audit of our services, was amazed at their capabilities and guarantees”.

Stoddart Group

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