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Reedify is a guaranteed, results driven Telco management consultancy. Our team is entirely focused on ensuring effective management of Telco parties on their accountable delivery of products and services.

Partnering Successful Outcomes

We are your independent, strategic Gold Standard, Telco management partners. We are on your team, we are a guaranteed, results driven Telco management consultancy.

We understand the Telco industry
We are solution design practitioners
We deliver conflict free Telco account management
We are flexible
We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence
We apply attention to detail
We deliver speedy issue resolutions
We ensure consistent communication

Our Results Speak For Themselves

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Queensland Rugby Union Case Study

Telco Management Consultants Queensland
Problem encountered

QRU approached Reedify because they were struggling with the high cost of the telecommunication services and were not getting the results they needed from their carrier or IT managers. They had looked to outsource to their external IT, but recognised that without telco specialisation, they would likely continue to suffer the high costs and inefficiencies – which were important given their rural coverage and seasonality of cashflow.

Solution proposed

Reedify completed a full historical analysis of QRU’s telecommunication and technology spends, reviewing their usage and expenditure against carrier contracts. We identified QRU were being overcharged in a number of areas and had severe “Expense Leak” due to an ever-changing fleet and business. Reedify proposed a contract negotiation outcome with QRU’s current carrier, that would improve costs by over 60% in the first 3 months – providing a guarantee of services and outcomes. Reedify also proposed to consolidate QRU’s telco accounts (Multi Carrier) onto a single report that provide complete visibility, illuminating changes and cost centre management.

Result achieved

Within the first 3 months, Reedify was able to reduce QRU’s telco expenditure by a massive 80% by effectively renegotiating current contracts (that were active) with current vendors and designing a customised pricing solution with fleet change flexibility. Reedify was also able to forensically identify historical billing errors and achieve a significant backdate of charges that they had been incorrectly incurring for several years. Over the last 3 years, Reedify has saved QRU more than $500,000.00 in costs off their carrier billing and significantly improved the operational efficiencies over several technology driven projects.


“As a recognised brand in Australia, we are approached everyday by companies with big claims but empty promises. I was certainly sceptical when I reviewed Reedify’s promise of savings and guarantee’s, but it took only 2 months to prove me wrong. Reedify stand behind their claims and deliver on their promises, thank you team!”
Damien Peters (CFO), Queensland Reds

Meet Our Team

Telco Management Consultants Queensland


Business Specialist

Hi… I’m Don,

As a business specialist, my job at Reedify is understanding customers unique business requirements and communicating that to the solution design specialists for the best possible outcomes. Having worked in business and finance for more than 35 years, I understand how business operations relate to telecommunications and provide a bridge between telecommunication specialists and complicated client requirements. I also work with the technology team and director, to ensure Reedify is constantly innovating and improving services to our customers – chances are, if you have a suggestion for Reedify services, I will be the guy behind the scenes putting things together. Having also worked in commercial mediations and complex financial auditing consulting means I work closely with Reedify’s legal team to understand and strategically drive outcomes for the most complex of customer issues.

  • Chief Business Manager
  • Improving Reedify’s business operations and innovation standards
  • Defending our clients and ensuring best case resolutions to complex legal & dispute matters
  • Understanding client requirements and specific business solutions.
  • Consulting with the account management and solution specialists at Reedify, to achieve optimal outcomes for customers
  • Maintaining relationships with providers and special channel interests for Reedify

Telco Management Consultants Queensland


Technology Specialist

Hi… I’m Alan

I am the technology specialist with Reedify, and my role is to ensure customers billing and services are processing smoothly. Typically, I focus on the software behind Reedify and drive through innovative solutions for customers, to understand their costs and services better:

  • Chief Software Development Manager
  • Customer Experience and carrier billing specialisations
  • Working with Reedify’s Billing team to ensure optimal efficiencies
  • Working with customers to onboard and improve ammonisation workflows
  • Developing reporting and documentation solutions
  • Benchmarking carrier and vendor products into Reedify’s platform
  • Assisting Reedify solution experts with customer centric proposals
  • Generally leading the industry with innovation and technology solutions.

Telco Management Consultants Queensland


Solution Delivery Specialist

Hi…I’m Nick

As Reedify’s Solution Delivery Specialist, my job is to ensure your projects go smoothly and we get the best possible results every time. My passion is matching customers with the best technology and solutions this industry has to offer, my role includes:

  • Advising existing Customers on technology and service improvements for their business (looking at current solutions, collecting information, designing new solutions).
  •  For new customers develop pre-sale bespoke solutions and then delivering this for the customer type of arrangement.
  •  Identifying and sharing strategic telecommunication & IT knowledge for industry leverage and business performance.
  •  Working with the Sales team from a pre-sales perspective to win new business and managing those clients’ accounts directly.
  •  Managing a current client portfolio of accounts & services.
  •  Reducing customer annual expenses.
  •  Dealing with customer requests and maintaining customer relationships.
  •  Working with all Reedify systems to deliver customer reporting & analytical documentation where required.
  •  Proactively assisting with sales and support.

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Telco Management Consultants Queensland


Helpdesk and Support Lead

Hi… I’m Michael

My role at Reedify is leading the support and helpdesk team and running Reedify’s “Everyday Services”. If you call through to the office, chances are that you will speak to me or one of my specialist support team. Some of the ways I make your life easier are:

  • Provide professional and fast email and phone support to attend to your level 1 and 2 ticket requests.
  • Mobility & MDM support of any Ad-Hoc requests
  • International Travel Arrangements
  • Fault Reporting & Trouble shooting to ensure you are always online
  • Advise, find and provision new services & cancelling old services
  • Billing support and analyse integration services
  • Credit Management and debt management with carriers
  • Inventory and lifecycle support
  • Complex billing investigations
  • Vendor / Carrier contact and middle managing

Telco Management Consultants Queensland


Accounts and Administration Lead

Hi…. I’m Sally,

As Reedify’s Accounts and Administration leader, my job is to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes and all our clients are up to date and making their payments on time (externally & internally). I love ensuring everything runs smoothly so that the team can focus solely on our customers and their unique requirements.

  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Assisting customers to onboard onto Reedify custom systems and solutions
  • Ensuring the office runs smoothly and effectively
  • Approving costs and company expenditures
  • Supervising and monitoring the work of administrative staff and operations

Telco Management Consultants Queensland


Chief Billing Officer

Hi… I’m June,

I am the chief billing officer at Reedify, who manages the platform that produces all our clients wonderful reports and billing management systems each day! My role is to ensure customers have a full analysis of their billing every single month by the team, solving complex billing challenges and general credit management duties for the business. Typically, my focus is on the billing and auditing customer accounts every day – but that can sometimes mean assisting the helpdesk team in support and the legal team with billing challenges customer maybe having. I am passionate about our customers success and having worked in telecommunication companies prior, I understand just how much of a struggle it can be for customers with them. Everything I do, is to make sure our customers are being billed correctly by providers and are on the most cost effective solutions!

  • Billing Administration for customer accounts
  • Chief billing analysis manager
  • Processing billing and the billing platform
  • Identifying and capturing customer billing issues with providers and presenting them to the Reedify team for resolution
  • Project clean up support and support helpdesk supporting roles.
  • Generally making customers lives easier and telco issues a thing of the past!

Telco Management Consultants Queensland


Legal Specialist

Hi…. I’m Ben,

I work with the team as the legal specialist, advising and seeking resolutions for clients regarding tricky and complex telecommunication disputes. I work closely with Jeremy and the account management team when issues arise or new customers are seeking urgent help, to understand the quickest route to success and ensure adequate counsel and support is provided. My keen eye for injustice and the intricacies that is telecommunication disputes, ensures all our customers are not left with the bad tastes they have become accustomed too.

  • Admission in 2009, with Employment Law & Commercial Litigation (LLB)
  • Working with clients to understand damages and account for costs in disputes.
  • Providing direct legal counsel to customers.
  • Directly engaging with service providers, to win favourable outcomes for client disputes.
  • Ensuring Reedify team members are up-to date with current legal & industry information
  • Keeping Telco providers honest and on their toes.

Let Us Help You Better Manage Your Telco Provider

Reedify is a result-focused Telco management consultancy. By this we mean we set out to clearly achieve a specific Telco management goal. Our primary purpose is to produce speedy results for our valued clients. Whether you are or aren’t aware of any current Telco issues associated with your accounts, we confidently believe we will be able to help you better manage your Telco provider.