Reedify Custom Service Solutions

Reedify is a specialised, independent Telco management consultancy. We solve our clients everyday and complex Telco challenges via strategic consulting & optimisation, monthly cost control, everyday support services and specialised services including dispute resolution.

Telco Management Services

Reedify’s Holistic Approach To Telco Management

Our holistic approach to the effective management of Telco providers starts with a detailed forensic investigation and analysis of your organisations billing accounts. Key forensic investigation criteria includes a full technology driven analysis of historical billing lines ranging from 6 – 36 months, identification of anomalies and potential issues and a catalogue history of benchmarked preferred pricing.On completion of the forensic investigation and analysis, our specialist team investigates avenues for service and billing optimisation. At this stage, we are looking to match services and their historical usage trends to appropriate plans across multiple vendors and benchmark against Reedify’s unique custom pricing structures we achieve with each carrier. We will also seek to identify redundant services and allocate all assets to a physical location.

Next, we seek to fulfil technology & infrastructure procurement requirements, typically this includes a full review of current asset infrastructure and analyse this with current usage trends and overall ICT strategies. Once we have defined appropriate technology infrastructure for solution and ICT roadmaps, we will price upgrades and comparative options for the client. Operational efficiencies improvements follow, our team examine areas that were initially identified in the first three steps, consolidating all the information into a tangible solution and phased improvement schedule for further review. This looks closely at efficiency drivers and cost reduction, utilising all available resources and expertise in each field. Finally, service & billing management services are implemented which includes the implementation of initial findings and aligning our specialised management services with our customers. Once we have achieved initial outcomes and alignments (Solution Implementation & Project Management), we produce customer portals and monthly analysis reporting solutions that consolidate all telco data into digestible and informative information.

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Reedify Everyday Services

Strategic Consulting & Optimisation

Reedify develops long term strategies, not just solutions, for our clients which rely upon technology driven analysis and decades of experience. We look to understand your current position, analyse historical usage and manage outcomes that reduce costs and increase efficiencies for both the short and long term.

  • Telco Expense Audits
  • Contract negotiations
  • Inventory Allocation
  • On-Call Solution Design
  • Semi-Annual ICT Roadmap
  • Procurement & Lifecycle Management
  • Virtual CIO
  • Guaranteed Savings
Everyday Support Services

Reedify’s “Everyday” support is focused upon a fully managed service, acting as an extension to your office and IT team, we provide premium day-to-day account management service to ensure optimal performance and integrity. Our Helpdesk Accounts team know you and your organisation, dedicated to Gold Standard support.

  • Phone and Email support 8am-6pm Mon-Fri.
  • Mobility support and ad-hoc requests
  • International travel arrangements
  • Fault reporting and basic troubleshooting
  • New service activations and old service cancellations
  • Billing support and payments
  • Credit management
  • Inventory and lifecycle support
  • Network issue investigation and resolution
  • Complex Billing investigations and management
  • Vendor / carrier contact and phone support
  • Procurement management from sale to door
Monthly Cost Control

Organisations who fail to gain visibility and validate their telco expenses each month, incur massive expense penalties annually. Reedify’s purpose-built cost management systems are there to ensure all expenses are validated against contracted rates, telco account are consolidated and reporting is easy to understand with deep level insight capabilities.

  • Monthly Administration documents (Cost Centres / Breakdowns / GL Coding)
  • Monthly Forensic Analysis and Reporting Reviews
  • Invoice and Expense Transparency for all your telco carriers consolidated into a single report
  • Usage Management and Reporting (Mobile / Voice / Data)
  • Contract Controls and Compliance Automation
  • Full Inventory and Change Control
  • Quarterly / Annual Performance Analysis Reports
  • Budget Planning, Forecasting and Management Services
  • Centralised Data Management for all your telecommunication information
  • Custom built reporting tools and solutions

Reedify’s Specialised Services

Reedify Solutions Solving Complex
Telco Challenges Everyday

We have strong relationships with our service providers and have engaged third party consultants in the past, but what Reedify were offering was on another level. Their ability to provide me valuable analytical insights into our services and expenditure has allowed us to budget for our wider ICT projects that otherwise would have taken us 12 months to roll out. Reedify’s impact is not just about saving money, their insights allow our company to grow with confidence and have a team of experts we know we can trust just makes everything that much easier!

Krushal Shah (IT Director)

Stoddart Group

Carers QLD Australia

The ability to entirely pass the responsibility of telecommunications to Reedify has had a huge impact in our organisation, not only due to the significant amount of money saved but the time and resources we have been able to free up for key staff members. Reedify have gone out of their way to help us with other business requirements, including tender proposals for NDIS services and ICT project advice and disputes. We are now loyal advocates for Reedify, a service that strives to make a difference in an industry that we have found so difficult to manage in years prior. Thank you Reedify!

Debra Cottrell (CEO)

Carers Queensland

What Reedify do for the Telco industry, we strive to do for Australian law. Reedify was able to achieve a dispute outcome of over $150,000 in rebates that we had been trying to resolve for years. I am more than happy to refer Reedify at any available opportunity.

Shane McCarthy (CEO)

McCarthy Durie Lawyers

Bay Building Group

What Reedify has been able to do for us is nothing short of incredible, especially considering our struggles with Telstra previously. Reedify saved us more money in the first quarter of the year than we thought was possible in 24 months, completely funding our IT project before we had even begun the planning stages. Excellent business model and a team that has earnt our complete trust.

Kane Malherbe (CEO)

Bay Building Group

Telco Management Queensland

Reedify’s Industry First Guarantee

We acknowledge that the service we provide is a completely new way of looking at telecommunications – warranting a healthy level of scepticism. To alleviate any “it’s too good to be true” concerns, Reedify demand 100% accountability of ourselves for our claims and proposed savings. As a result, we are only able to offer our services to clients that we are certain we can achieve significant results.

Our Guarantee

Reedify are only paid after the savings have landed on the account. We work at no cost until the figures on your Telco bills are lower than before we began and at least cover our costs. This promotes accountability and incentives for Reedify to maintain / increase savings and produce consistent results every month. If our clients don’t save, we don’t get paid.

Our company mission and values are founded on tangible results for customers – We believe we don’t deserve your business for anything less than the cost savings and service improvements we guarantee. This sets Reedify apart from any industry “competitors” as we not only promise amazing outcomes for our clients, we promise to deliver them every single month we are engaged. To understand the unique offering this guarantee truly is – we encourage you to ask your current telco partners / representatives to withhold their own commissions / guarantee their proposed outcomes and see their responses – you will be surprised at what you will find…

Telco Management Queensland

Let Us Support You with a Service Fit-For-Purpose

Offering a wide range of Gold Standard service-based solutions, we’re committed to delivering a fit-for-purpose strategy to your organisation that ensures a speedy result. This coupled with our industry first guarantee places your organisation in the hands of an expert team that truly understand the importance of efficient and accountable Telco service provision with very little risk.