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An ASX listed company, with 15 specialist brands across 4 key verticals, PeopleIN provide staffing solutions to organisations across Australian. Connecting more than 10,000 Aussies with new roles every year, we are uniquely structured to provide deeply specialist insight at scale, across a broad range of professions.

PeopleIN is a highly innovative organisation, which technically requires Reedify to manage more than 15 truly unique business under the corporate structure. Unfortunately, multiple companies under that structure had procured their solutions before acquisition which meant the organisational technology infrastructure had become a significant burden on the executive team. PeopleIN approached Reedify to help as they felt their Service Provider account manager was providing them conflicting advice and they had just signed a 5 year contract, before being left on their own to figure out the consolidation path. The knew there were issues, but they just couldn’t put their finger on it and their IT MSP needed to focus on the underlining ICT issues.

Reedify first needed to group all the companies, their telco accounts and current workflows – to understand the scope of the work required to bring this complicated structure under management. Once understood, Reedify further conducted interviews with each business to understand their specific pain points and “blue sky” outcomes from our services. Following our Forensic Analysis of all 15 companies billing accounts, Reedify was able to focus in on the two largest organisations to perfect a structure that the remaining 13 companies would then follow – this process ultimately uncovered significant billing and contract issues that had been on the accounts for several years, completely unknown to the organisation.

By aligning all the companies with a common telco goal and focusing on innovative technology solutions, Reedify was able to negotiate a group solution that promised significant savings – but most importantly, removed approximately 20 hours of work across the group, each month, relating to telco administration. To date, Reedify has achieved over half a million dollars in rebates / charge backs from historical errors and project negligence. Further, Reedify has achieved a 40% average total reduction in Telco costs across the group which has translated to more than 1 million dollars in savings to date.

“We are in the People business, we are not Telco experts – but we seemed to always be dealing with problems. Reedify is our secret weapon, we have got our time back and our issues are a thing of the passed – all the savings was just a bonus”.


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