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Packhorse is a boutique Australian investment house focused on alternative asset investments. We specialise in the agribusiness, with a secondary focus on the food and health services sectors.

Packhorse are a dynamic business with various mergers and acquisitions going on all the time, which means their telecommunications environment is pivotal to their success. With highly experienced internal resources and trusted external IT parties, they could not understand how their costs were so high and issues seemed to never get resolved with their tier 1 service provider. Packhorse had an outstanding dispute that they had already successfully achieved a credit of more than $26,000.00 incl GST (a testament to them), but they felt there were still more issues to be found but didn’t have the visibility required to find them.

Reedify was asked to conduct a complex billing, forensic Analysis for Packhorse – to determine any further issues and also a pathway forward, which would focus on service quality and enable their IT roadmap to become a reality (which had been largely stalled for 12 months). Reedify quickly determined that only 25% of the issues had been identified and resolved, but found another $70,000.00 – $75,000.00 incl GST of problems that were yet to be discussed. Further, Reedify proposed a solution improvement program with Packhorse that promised a minimum 36% reduction in overall expenditure (Phase 1) and later a 50% reduction through a move to SDWAN, to increase service quality and achieve the flexibility the organisation relied upon.

Reedify presented this to the Service Provider and provided strict terms to resolve, with the full compensation amount of more than $75,000.000 incl GST being rewarded to Packhorse in less than 3 months of their engagement with Reedify. Further to this, Reedify has fully optimised their accounts and services achieving an average monthly reduction of 57% and a total savings in their first 6 months (excluding credits) of a little over $130,000.00 incl GST. Reedify’s Everyday services now completely manage staff and accounts, with the Service Provider now happy that issues have been resolved and is focused on winning back trust and accountability through the tendering of upcoming projects and acquisitions.

“We needed to stop the drain on my time and our billing sorted by an expert. We were desperate for help and liked Reedify’s to the point / direct approach to a solution, we didn’t feel like we were sold too. 10 / 10 – very happy with results, exceptional company we didn’t know existed”

Packhorse Investments

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