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An ASX listed, World-leading, cloud-based workplace management platform to track, manage and protect your workers and assets. An all-in-one, integrated solution to manage your workforce, assets, site access, learning and HSE compliance. With real-time dashboards and predictive analytics to drive innovation in safety, compliance and efficiency

Following a merger acquisition, Reedify was introduced to Damstra Technology to help facilitate a complicated alignment of services and bring an end to almost 24 months of service frustrations with several different tier 1 Service Providers. Damstra Technology deliver their core services to customer via their telecommunication mobility / wireless fleet, so extreme care needed to be taken when assessing current asset register and recommending improvements. Historically, Damstra Technology had relied heavily on their internal IT department to manage their fleet of services but this had become grossly bloated and they simply didn’t have the technology to effectively track and manage assets as they moved between customers and branches.

Reedify recognised that without a full reconciliation and asset allocation audit, any further recommendations would carry too much risk. Utilising Reedify’s platform technology, we were able to identify all services and their Geo locations and then align these to Damstra and customer sites for a full service allocation. A manual audit then further took place on over 1000 services, which utilised usage indicators and geo-location, providing Damstra Technology with 100% certainty of all current assets that were “live” and their exact current locations. Following this Reedify was able to conduct a full historical analysis and found that nearly 20% of their mobility fleet were redundant, which they would carry throughout the year, but only required about 5% of spares to fullfil typical customer requirements. Reedify proposed a management solution that relied on live and flexible asset register, with a centralised helpdesk support model that enabled a faster response and set up time with key criteria captured.

Reedify found that the previous IT managers efforts were ineffective and completed an account cleanse, which resulted in the removal of nearly 150 services that were thought to be active. Reedify also negotiated a backdate of x2 voice solutions, which had been ported a year prior to another carrier but the incumbent had failed to cancel – resulting in a $50,000.00 backdated in charges for the 12 months. Over the last 24 months, Reedify has achieved a 53% average cost reduction totalling $340,000.00 incl GST in total savings. However the real value provided to Damstra Technology has been the significant operational improvements with the alignment of Reedify’s Everyday Services Helpdesk and the peace of mind that assets are constantly tracked and measured, with no recorded expense leakage in 2020.

“As the company grew through acquisitions, we wanted more accountability of our telco services. Additionally, our IT manager (who was supposed to be looking after us) wasn’t effective and had little Telco Service Provider experience. The fee model and high expectations set were key drivers on why we moved forward with Reedify, they are very professional from the beginning, he took the time to understand our business and the approach to tack to solve our challenges”

Chris Sholtz


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